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It is a fanzine that started to appear in Izmir Turkey in 2014. It was started to be extracted by Efe Elmastaş and Emrah Ersan. Today he acts with many writers and artists. There are stories, poems, art articles and music contents in the fanzine. Collage work with experimental and has won the admiration of readers with text. It meets with readers by participating in many events in Turkey. It is distributed collectively and reaches many cities in Turkey. Fanzine PDFs are shared on websites and on the Fanzine Apartment. Those who wish can reach Sıvadık Fanzin free of charge from these addresses. So far, 31 issues have been released.

Sıvadık Fanzine #30

Sıvadık ART Kitsch Art Space

It is a kitsch art space founded by Sıvadık team. It is designed as a kitsch exhibition space as an alternative to art galleries and exhibition spaces. They exhibit on the Internet. They exhibit their experimental works by opening exhibition postings at certain times. The works exhibited in the exhibition are generally ready made, painting, digital art products and collage works. The texts written under the works are to complete its kitsch quality. In this way, the participants are aimed to have a fake, cheap exhibition experience. This movement is a reaction to today's art galleries. At the end of each exhibition, an artzine is prepared and presented as a PDF.

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