Fanzine Apartment

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Fanzine Apartment
One of the fanzine shelves opened by the Fanzin Apartment-Turkey

Fanzine Apartment, established in 2016, is a community for its operations to be in communication with fanzines and to increase the visibility of readers in Turkey. It conducts theoretical studies on the fanzine culture and its ethical values ​​and presents it to its readers free of charge. It works collectively and continues its activities on a voluntary basis. There is no profit purpose in the works it performs. It aims to spread and multiply the fanzines by seeking ways to maintain their existence based on their own values. At this point, it organizes various activities by publishing domestic and international interviews, criticism and news articles. By communicating with various venues, there are activities to establish fanzine shelves and to supply them. Especially zines are continuing their studies abroad, artists, distros are getting in touch with all kinds of formations in this area and organizing fairs, the fanzine readers in Turkey wants to transfer the information.

What is Fankit

It is a type of publication made up of the words Fanatic and Book (Turkish "kitap"). It has been proposed as an alternative to publishers. Fanzine Apartment pioneered this. It aims to enable authors to publish books freely without entering the publishing market. Ethical thinking in fanzines is also valid in Fankit.

Fanzine map in Turkey

A map showing fanzine bookshops and cafes in Turkey

Fanzine Events

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