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Resist is written by Matte Resist and published by Bicycle Lane Industries.

Resist covers a large variety of topics, but regularly includes material about bicycles, gardening, education (homeschooling, unschooling, etc) and simple living. Sometimes these are written about as personal stories: bike trips, gardening journals, parenting observations. Sometimes they’re written as exposés, citing his research about topics such as Walmart, the war in Iraq, transportation, and public education. Other times they’re covered in the form of DIY projects: how to garden, how to compost, worm composting, build a bike trailer, buying a house, etc. Some of those DIY projects were published by Microcosm Publishing in the books Making Stuff and Doing Things by Kyle Bravo and How and Why – A Do-It-Yourself Guide by Matte Resist.

Resist was featured in volumes 6 and 9 of the Zine Yearbook.