Rassilon's Star

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Rassilon's Star
Issue 3 1986

Rassilon's Star is a media science fiction fanzine published by Cheryl Duval in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Devoted to the television series Dr. Who, the first issue appeared in 1983. 300 copies were printed. The contents included art work, poetry, short fiction, and filk lyrics.

Contributors of art work included a front cover by Gail Bennett, back cover by Stephanie Hawks, and interior art work by Cheryl Duval, and Phred. Poetry was by Maggie L. Johnston, Linda Mallory, 5.J. Nasea, and Barbara O' Quinn. Short fiction was by by Cheryl Duval, Maggie Johnston and Laurel Stewart, Barbara O'Quinn, and Phred.

Issue two was published in 1984 and is 151 pages long. It had an original print run of 500.

This issue has art work by Gail Bennett, Elby Buttery, Christopher Cook, Anne Davenport, Lenore Dunlop, Cheryl Duvall, Jane Fancher, Stephanie Hawks, Maggie Johnston, Malene Kingsley, and Phred. The front cover art was by Jane Fancher and Stefanie Hawks, and the back cover by Jane Fancher. Writing was contributed by Gail Bennett, Cheryl Duval, Maggie Johnston, Barbara O'Quinn, Sue Ann Sarick, Theresa Sarick, Susan Sizemore, Sharon Jane Smith, and Linda Terrell. Cartoons were by Christopher Cook.

A special Rassilon's Star Christmas Card Special was published in 1984 and contains 79 pages. The cover art work is by Jane Fancher and Gail Bennett. Interior art work is by Gail Bennett, Elby Buttery, Christopher Cook, Anne Davenport, Patrick Degan, Lenore Dunlap, Cheryl Duval, Jane Fancher, Denise Habel, Maggie Johnston, Mac Popham, Holly Ravenhurst, and Karen Taylor. Contributions of writing are by Debbie Burkhart, Jan M. Carey, Bob Clements, Cheryl W. Duval, Eric Hoffman (Eye Of Harmony), Barbara O'Quinn, Pamala Ritchie, Teresa Sarick, and Sharon Jane Smith. Filk songs are by Maggie Johnston, and Barbara O'Quinn.

Issue three was released in 1986, and featured art work by artists such as Anne Davenport, Pat Degan, P.L. Honc, Maggie Johnston, Melody Rondeau, and editor Cheryl Duval. Writing was contributed by Jan Carey, Patrick Degan, Jan Grokett, Sarah E. Kelly, Marguerite Krause, Barbara O'Quinn, Pamala Ritchie, Sue Ann Sarick, Rie M. Sheridan, and Anne Collins Smith.

Issue 4 was published in 1991 and is 139 pages long.

Other contributors include Melva Gifford, and K. Sullivan.

Rassilon's Star was voted 'Most Popular Fanzine' at the 1984 Panopticon West, a Doctor Who fan run convention held in the 1980s, held that year in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.