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Pure Tuna Fish Issue Ten

Pure Tuna Fish is a zine by Rita Fatila that was published in Ontario, Canada.

Ten issues of this zine were released in the 1990's. Contributors included Shannon of Flashpoint, Bianca of Mamasita, Kristyn of Mudflaps, Tasha of No Apologies, Amy of Starache, Gretchen of There's no such thing as a good faerie, Anna of V-Reject, Lauren Martin of You Might As Well Live, generally in the form of excerpts reprinted from letters between the zine editors on topics of common interest. The editor writes from the perspective of a young Latina woman and Pure Tuna Fish frequently addresses the issues of racism and ethnic identity. She also writes from a pro-porn, feminist viewpoint about censorship, including the banning in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, of Mudflaps, and the banning at the border of the book G.B. Jones, and other issues raised by writers such as Susie Bright and Annie Sprinkle. Issue six included interviews with Lauren Martin of You Might As Well Live and Bianca of Mamasita. Issue seven had interviews with Kristy Chan of Riot Grrrl Review, and Daniel Richler of the CBC program Big Life. There are also articles on 'punker-than-thou-attitudes', Gay assimilation, "Whiny Animal Rights Brats", Victoriana, and Rita's experiences of working in a donut store.

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