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POC_Zinesters is a community at livejournal.com for and about POC (people of color) zine makers. It was created in 2005 by Noemi Martinez of C/S Distro and Hermana, Resist zine.

The userinfo for the community states: POC is an expansive umbrella term, and there is disagreement with using this term-for right now it's alot better than using the word minority. Announce your zines, talk about zines you've heard about or read that you think others would be interested in. Review zines. Tell us about zines we should avoid, and tell us why. Tell us about bad experiences you've had with other zines or zine writers, hate mail you've recieved--we want to hear it all.

This is not the place to discuss if we, as POC are racist, or if you-as a white person or not racist. To be further educated on white racism, please see debunkingwhite or read a book.

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