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OSFS Statement is the newsletter of the Ottawa Science Fiction Society.

OSFS Statement, standing for 'Ottawa Science Fiction Society Statement' is the newsletter for the oldest Science Fiction club in Canada. More than 300 issues have been published in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Editors during the 1980s were Lionel Wagner, Steve Forty and Joe Casey.

In the 1990s, Lionel Wagner returned as editor, followed by M. B. Wadsworth.

In the 2000s, editors at various times were Sharon C.P. Fall, Sandi Marie McLaughlin, Joel Polowin, Paul Valcour, and Dwight Williams.

As of 2010, the editor is Grant Duff.

During the 1980s and 1990s, OSFS Statement was in regular contact with Kiev, USSR, and OSFS member Michael McKenny regularly reviewed Russian Science Fiction. Also during the 1990s, Robert J. Sawyer wrote a regular column called "Random Musings".

Contributors include Sheila Currie Adler, Alex Binkley, Grant Duff, Ann Elid, Janet Hetherington, Elizabeth Holden, Michael McKenny, Sandi Marie McLaughlin, Charles Mohapel, Tasia Papdatos, Kyn Saunders, Ken Tapping, and Thomas Wray.

The logo for the newsletter was created by Bruce Wright.

Letters came from Lloyd Penney (Torus), among others.

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