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Not The Job Hunter was a free Coventry Agit Zine from 1981 published by Adventures in Reality editor Alan Rider.

Produced as an alternative to the Government sponsored glossy magazine The Job Hunter, it was aimed at disaffected unemployed youth in Coventry and celebrated the sub culture that existed in the town at the time. With the strapline "be more than a witness", it included political polemic, drugs pages, local music reviews and attacks on local politician and institutions. Funded inadvertently through the Queens Silver Jubilee trust fund (she never knew) it drew national media attention and vocal criticism from local conservative elements, who were parodied in return in subsequent issues, often depicted as being chased by a Not The Job Hunter giant eagle. This controversy culminated with a national TV documentary before the magazine ceased publication once the money ran out and it could no longer be given away free to its unemployed, lazy, broke and stoned readership.