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The Newstar, Kiribati, Date Line Edition was published on May 8th (or 10th) 2008. The newsprint publication consists of 16 Pages of articles and information about Kiribati (former known as Gilbert Islands), the difficulty and oddity of a date line ("each new day begins in Kiribati") and informations and articles about nuclear tests in the south pacific (Christmas Island). The publication is a joining or assemblage of historical newspaper articles (mostly of the New York Times), new articles, aswell as charts, maps and fotos about this region of the world.

The newspaper is without a credit note of the publisher. There is no exact date of publishing. Latest article is dated December 2005.

The totality of these articles in this strange but brilliant publication are leading gently to the point: The definition of time is a construction. We are existing on a planet, drifting in space - timeless.

The publication is included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.