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Mothers News
Vol. II No.5, July 2012

Mothers News was a free monthly newspaper published in Providence, RI, U.S.A., by Rhododendron Festival.

First issue of Mothers News was published May 2010. Each Oktober the paper changed the name into Monsters News, starting Oktober 2010.

"...Mothers News is a monthly newspaper that is fun and interesting, with good writing, for a general but open-minded audience. There's a comics section featuring exclusive comics from regular contributors CF, Mickey Zacchilli, Brian Chippendale, Michael DeForge (Kid Mafia), Chuck Forsman, Katrina Clark, Charlotte deSedouy, and Mike Taylor. Top talent!!! We print 5000 copies of each issue, and distribute them free in the streets in Providence and at select spots across the country. It's supported by small advertisers and readers..." (info from the subscription drive started Okt. 2013)

Issues of Mothers News are included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

External Links

  • Back issues online Almost every issue is uploaded and can be found on, but Mothers News is designed to be a physical newspaper, so please bear in mind that they are sort of difficult to read on the computer.