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Marc Parker (born July 21, 1976) is a writer and zine publisher from Oklahoma. He currently lives in Portland, OR.

In the 1990s, he published Azmacourt, a humorous zine about asthma and his personal life. He gained a reputation on the alt.zines Usenet group for creating false identities and pulling spiteful pranks on other posters (the most infamous being Zine Mao). He also published a number of zines under aliases. Among these were Cubist Ants Shall Inherit the Earth, Tomatoes for Jalapeño, and Fiction from the Venerable, Ben Joseph. In 2004, Marc wrote six issues of a perzine called Lazybones, which was copiously influenced by Pathetic Life.

He is a former contributor to Amusing Yourself To Death. Under the pseudonym of Ben Joseph, Marc edited the Word of Mouth section of Zine World, 1999-2001. He currently runs the often derisive (and infrequently updated) zine review website Zine Thug and volunteers at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, where he is the Zine Librarian. His most recent zine Big Fucking Deal appeared in May, 2007. Currently he is working on a graphic novel.

In March 2009, Marc and Alex Wrekk started Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, a podcast which covers zine news, events, and culture.




  • American Bar (co-produced with Sky Ryan, 2005)

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