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Maranda Elizabeth is a zinester from Lindsay, ON, Canada, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and, most recently, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Maranda Elizabeth is a writer, zinester, introvert, identical twin, high school dropout, & recovering alcoholic. They write about mental health & illnesses, borderline personality disorder, trauma, fibromyalgia, writing & creativity, friendship, magic & witchcraft & Tarot, self-care, support & $upport, alienation & the illusion of community, and embracing weirdnesses.

Maranda Elizabeth writes the perzine, Telegram Ma'am. Nineteen issues appeared in the 2000s. Several issues of Telegram Ma'am have been published as split zines, including numbers 12 and 17 with Culture Slut, written by Maranda's twin sister Amber Dearest, and number 18 with Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell by Tukru.

When Maranda came out as genderqueer, they altered the title of their zine from Telegram Ma'am (inspired by the T. Rex song, Telegram Sam) to, simply, Telegram. Issues 24 and onward are written under this title.

In October 2012, they released an anthology of their zine, called Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues published with Mend My Dress Press, and in May 2013, they self-published a novel about queer girl friendship in a small town, called Ragdoll House.

Maranda Elizabeth has also written three issues of a short fiction zine, Edith, and eight issues of a 24-hour zine, Little Acorns. They also wrote a one-off zine with Dave Cave in Winter 2012, called Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting Off the Internet, and several other one-offs, including Self-Care for Zinesters, and How to Support/$upport the Writer &/or Artist In Your Life.


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