Making Waves

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Making Waves
Issue 1 August 2011
Cover by Anna Nasty

Making Waves is a punk feminist zine.

Making Waves was born during discussions between editors Camille, and Mary. The zine takes its name from a compilation featuring women's bands from the UK. In their own words, the editors, "aim to explore the intersections of punk, feminism and womanhood."

Making Waves features contributors from around the world, including Anna (Leeds, UK), Anna Nasty (Phoenix, U.S.A.), Camille (Paris, France), Constance Legeay (Rennes, France), Darryl (San Francisco, U.S.A.), Edu (Barcelona, Spain), Jaspin (Auckland, New Zealand), Mary (Los Angeles, U.S.A.), Jenny Woolworth (London, UK), Angela (Los Angeles, U.S.A.), Jeremy (Paris, France), Julie (Paris, France), Kerrie (New York, U.S.A.), Mariette (Paris, France), Maren (Berlin, GER), Oliver (Brighton, UK).

Issue #1, available in print form as well as a PDF download, was released in August 2011. Featuring : Alice Bag (from The Bags), Sharon Cheslow (of Chalk Circle), James Hoare (Germs of Youth), Lilliput, Jeri Cain Rossi (from Your Funeral), Steff Petticoat, artist Linder Sterling, Chuck Warner (Hyped To Death), and Debsey Wykes (from Dolly Mixture).

Issue #2, available in print form as well as a PDF download, was released in March 2013. Featuring : Reversible Cords, The Nixe, Brilliant Colors, Medical Tourists, Toxic Shock, Nuclear Crayons, Lili Zeller, Look Blue Go Purple, Jane Hudson, Tony Coulter.

Issue #3 was released September 2014, and is available as a free PDF, and in print form. Featuring: Helen McCookerybook, Irene Dogmatic, Beta Evers, Hannah Lew, The Courtneys, Algebra Suicide,and Caroline Azar and G.B. Jones.

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