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MSFire is a science fiction fanzine published by the Milwaukee Science Fiction Services.

Various editors helmed this fanzine, including Lloyd Daub and Lisa Mason in the 1990s.

Contributors of art work include Georgie Schnobrich.

Contributors of articles included Peter Kokh, and Lisa Mason.

Andy Hooper, in issue #74 of Apparatchik from February 1997, writes, "This jumble of club news, sercon analysis, humor, cartoons and poetry has found a new editor after all, and will apparently go on publishing for the immediate future. My favorite features are the art of Georgie Schnobrich (the cover is GORGEOUS) and the astronomical speculations of Peter Kokh who turns his attention to the "Europids" E-class planets and moons that are far more common than earth-like worlds and at least theoretically capable of supporting life. Some good book reviews, too, which treat just a few books in relatively high detail."

Letters came from Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), among others.