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MSF Zine

MSF Zine - Materialismus, Sci-Fi, Fantasy was released Mai 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

MSF is a zine edited, published and printed by Tim Reuscher and distributed by Sternstunden des Kapitalismus.

The A5 zine with 28 pages was printed using a Risograph duplicator. Each issue comes with an A3 poster.

Issue one features stories and comics from Pareidolia and exclusive texts by Bdolf and Gehirnschnecke (the brainslug), aswell as an adaption from “Mormons in Space”.

MSF#2– The second issue was released in March 2015 with contributions by De Grote Ganesh, Serafine Frey, Tim Reuscher and others. An accompanying A3 poster and a feature in the zine are "Mormons in Space" spinoffs.

MSF Zine is part of the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

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