Harmony In My Head

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Harmony In My Head was a punk zine by Joan McNulty.

Published in Arlington, Massachusetts, U.S.A., in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Harmony In My Head was the official Buzzcocks fanzine, and is the title of one of their songs. At least 21 issues were released.

Joan McNulty was interviewed about the definition of punk for the zine Punk Research, and said, "In my opinion the term punk is a kind of first line defense, a necessary precaution and a street-wise front adopted by people conditioned to expect opposition when they refuse passively to accept their position in the social hierarchy."

Aside from her zine, Joan was active in other ways as well. Joe Voglione, in the All Music Guide, writing about the inception of the Buzzcocks album Lest We Forget: Live in America, ‘79-’80, says, "While the Buzzcocks were on tour in 1979 and 1980, Joan McNulty, the publisher of their official fan magazine Harmony in My Head (and then-girlfriend of singer Pete Shelley), taped all their shows on cassette...Decades after these recordings were made, their value is obvious...Who better to compile the music than the woman who gave attention to the group before anyone else in the U.S.A.? Joan McNulty’s efforts can be viewed as pioneering. Decades after it was conceived and released, Lest We Forget is as pure a document as you’ll find on the tour of a vital power pop band."