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David L Tamarin is an attorney, writer, Associate Producer and actor.

Tamarin is a book reviewer for Verbicide. He wrote the 'e-Book' Let Then Eat Snuff. Peachy was reviewed at Whispers of Wickedness. Elizabeth Massey, author of Wire Mesh Mothers and Sineater called Tamarin, "The rising star of horrific humor". Peachy was a double novella with Jason Rogers featuring short story collections, as was Superhero Stenchfest.

As well, he has contributed to a number of zines and a vast number of ezines, including The Dream People; Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens; Escaping Elsewhere, Justus Roux; Logical Lust; Wicked Carnival; deathbus; bloodcookies; The Unholy Biscuit; Wretched and Violent; Cherry Bleeds; Gothic Fairy Tales; Whispers of Wickedness; Really Scary; TrumpZero; stabbed tortured and dismembered; and Demon Minds.

He is Associate Producer and General Counsel for the film Profane Exhibit and attorney for its producer, Harbinger International Films. He is also General Counsel for Girls and Corpses magazine and several other prominent clients.

As an extra, he has appeared in Adam Sandler's Grown-Ups, What's Your Number? with Anna Farris, Here Comes The Boom with Kevin James, and the pilot episode of the hit television show Body of Proof. He has also appeared in Prison of the Psychotic Damned, BEG, Nun of That, Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show, legless, The One, The Gateway Meat. He has appeared in numerous commercials including two for iParty, and a video for the metal band Sorrowseed.

He co-wrote Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show and got writing credit for The Gateway Meat for writing his torture/death scene.


  • Peachy Like Nietzsche:Dark Clown Porn Stuff for Terrorists and Gorefiends
  • Superhero Stenchfest


  • Let Them Eat Snuff (www.meathookpress.com)

Contributions to Zines

Legal Articles

  • Getting Away with Torture: Why America's Prisons are 'Animal Factories'
  • Mandatory Drug Sentencing Ultimately Costs the Taxpayer


  • Prison of the Psychotic
  • Damned
  • The Gateway Meat


  • dltamarin@htomail.com
  • davidltamarin@gmail.com

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