Conscious Defect

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Conscious Defect is a zine centered on mischief, crime, travel, and hostile encounters with members of American society. It's influenced by zines such as Evasion and Scam 2, and was written by a vegan straight-edge author. All official copies of Conscious Defect are created using copy and print scams.

Rondo Of Theft

Rondo Of Theft is an 86 page full sized zine, co-written with Scamma Jake. It is a reworked collection of the older, numbered, disorganized, and out-of-print Conscious Defect zines. Rondo Of Theft also contains more chapters and stories not previously found in the old zines.

After it's release, co-author Scamma Jake declined to write any more material for future Conscious Defect zines.


The next installment in the Conscious Defect canon was titled “Origins” – a half-sized, 16 page zine focusing on the author's hometown and growing up. Influenced by works of Chuck Palahniuk and Harmony Korine, the writing takes a darker tone.


The latest Conscious Defect released titled “Devilry”, is a half-sized, 28 page zine.