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I notice that there's no "edit" link for the individual entries in this section, so names can be added... is this intentional?

Will Dockery

This is a Category page, meaning it's built automatically when the tag [[Category:Zinester|last name]] is added at the bottom of the page. It's much cleaner than the manually updated pages. Eventually the Zine directory will be the same way, I'm just waiting for everyone to become familiar with tagging etc. Tutorials will be coming, this thing's only 10 days old. =) Alan Fall of Autumn 06:44, 18 July 2006 (EDT)
Will, here's a new page I just made about using Wiki tags - Alan Fall of Autumn 07:25, 18 July 2006 (EDT)

Hey, is there any way at all to change the link on the zinesters page from Fish with Legs to Eric Lyden? You really don't want to know how I got so confused as to get my own profile under my zine's name, but if you can tell me how to fix it I would appreciate it.

Hello, I don't see where we are meant to add the tag. 'at the bottom of the page' but what page and where is the 'edit' link? Sorry, I'm new to wiki.

Hi Laura, welcome to ZineWiki! The tag goes at the bottom of the page you create. So if you were to create a page for Aaron Cometbus, you would leave the tag [[Category:Zinester|Cometbus]] on the bottom of that page that you create. Then, that tag will automatically place Aaron's name under the C section on this page. If that's confusing, you can AIM me at "LastLibs" and I can walk you through it. =) Alan Fall of Autumn 19:53, 5 August 2006 (EDT)

Great, thanks!