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Wiki tags are one of the most useful items of code for cataloging on this site. By adding the following tags to the bottom of pages, they are dynamically cataloged for easier searching.

Before creating a new category, check the categories section, which lists all categories currently in use. When creating a new category, follow this guideline: topic categories are singular, but list categories are plural.

The following are examples of tags currently in use, and should be inserted as the last item on the page:

Zinester entries/profiles should include:

  • [[Category:Zinester|last name]] with the last name being replaced with the zinester's last name.
  • Zinester entries should also include location tag(s), if known. Ex: [[Category:California Zinesters]]

Zine entries should include:

  • [[Category:Zine]] and if the entry is for a review zine it should also include the tag, [[Category:Review Zine]]
  • Zine entries should also include tags for genre (ex: [[Category:Science Fiction Zines]]), location of origin (ex: [[Category:Zines from Canada]]), and publication date (ex:[[Category:1990's publications]]), if known.

Entries about Collectives should include:

  • [[Category:Collective]]

Distro entries should include:

  • [[Category:Distro]]

Event entries should include:

  • [[Category:Event]]

Website entries should include:

  • [[Category:Website]]

Library entries should include:

  • [[Category:Zine Library]]