As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense

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As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense is a zine from Joey Refugio.

Published in Oakland, California, U.S.A. As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense is a comic zine.

"I was handed this comic zine while sitting on the curb in front of the Caffe Med on Telegraph. Moments later, while still giggling and turning through the 34 page, neon magenta-covered quarter-page zine, a hooded stranger handed me another publication -- a Tele Times, B.N. Duncan's mag, from 1981. Overwhelmed by whirring words and pages but still trying to soak in the art from both stacks of folded paper, I was elated -- not only with the timely consequence of being in the right place at the right time but that these two publications fit perfectly together in a seamlessly suited spasm of then and now! Pretty auspicious, considering most people think Telegraph's a useless shithole. With that said, editor Joey's As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense brings up some old school Bay Area issues with a new skillfully abstract mind and clever pen work -- despondency regarding cops, loneliness and bad vibes, punks wanting to go to the same old shows, shows, shows, "That's all you ever want to do!", some ardently Out-There floating thoughts about thoughts, Chicken Boy from Bay to Breakers, a serious statement about Dolores Park, death, misplaced body parts, and a tiny hand poking at our silent yet uneasy stomachs to remind us that our country is at war." -from Slingshot issue #105, review by Samiya Bird


As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense:
3115 Filbert St. Oakland, CA 94608