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Anonymous Boy Issue Five

Anonymous Boy is a comic zine by Anonymous Boy

Anonymous Boy is a collection of the X-rated queer punk illustrations of the artist Anonymous Boy. There are at least nine different collections of this photocopied publication, with a range of work dated from the mid 1980's till the late 2000's. All the drawings are featured in full page format and are generally accompanied by a caption written by the artist. Some issues featured drawings from the film created by Anonymous Boy called Green Pubes. Other issues featured drawings that had previously appeared in publications such as J.D.s. While some drawings feature hardcore X-rated content, many others are more innocent portrayals of wistful crushes and romance, all against a background of punk rock shows, record stores, and street scenes with punk posters, patches, and graffiti for bands like Blatz, The Cramps, Dead Kennedys, Fifth Column, Lilliput, Nervous Gender, Pansy Division, Propaganghi, The Ramones, the Vindictives, X-Ray Spex, Yum Yum Tree and many more.

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