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Angry Young Woman #5 cover

Angry Young Woman was a zine published in the 1990's by Gloria from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Gloria published funny articles about her jobs, and experiences in her life. Contributors included Debbie Goad of ANSWER Me! and Sharon Hart. Angry Young Woman also included CD and zine reviews as well as band interviews. Issues are archived at the Barnard Library and the Denver Zine Library.


#4: Contents: Women With Moustaches, I'm Surrounded By Smokers, Hating Men: My Life's History, The Wonderful World of Work, Working in Huntington County is a Bitch, Sometimes, Money Makes MY World Go 'Round, I Love My Work, It's The Job I Hate, Wholesome Dominatix Poem. Offset print

#5: Contents: Defenders of Caucasian Heritage or White Trash?, Bad Hair Life: Take My Hair, Please!, RIot Grrrl Barbie, Gloria Doesn't Keep The Faith, Working In A Video Arcade, Serving Our Country, Why Politics Sucks, Take This Short Order and Shove It, Flushing Rush: Why HE Sucks, Monologue in D: Sex and Sweat and Stuff, Beatlefest '95, Pub Primer, Gloria Quits Her Lousy Newspaper Job, Poems, CD reviews, Ramblings and last-minute stuff. Offset print

#6: Contents: Higher Education, I Don't Want Kids, Relationships: Compatible Companionship or Living Death?, Animals Are Better Than People written by Debbie Goad, The Selected Jobs of Phil Bland, The Party, Just A Little Halloween Story, The Politics of Condom Use, You Don't Control Me, Feedback Whine, poetry, zine reviews, Loompanics Book Reviews. Newsprint

#7: Contents: Lillehammer's Curse, 21 Ways To Die, Stabbing The Edge, Current Annoyances, Fucking Isn't Radical, Those Rag Time Blues, poetry, zine and book reviews. Newsprint

#8: Contents: Current Annoyances, Ask Aunt Gloria, Single White Female, Interview with Phoebe Legere, Aging and Vanity, Debbie Does Divorce by Debbie Goad, Cancer Me by Debbie Goad, Stop Those Fucking Presses!, Puerto Rican Vacation, poetry, zine and book reviews. Newsprint

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