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$100 & a T-Shirt
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$100 & A T-Shirt is a 51 minute documentary video about zines currently in its 3rd edition. The project was started when Joe Biel did some classroom zine work with Marc Moscato and Eleanor Whitney and wanted to have a really solid video documentary to spur kids' interest. He produced and directed the documentary while also doing hundreds of hours of editing. It was initially co-written by Basil Shadid who dropped out of the project midway through—due to lack of personal time and other conflicts. Shortly after, Rev. Phil Sano picked it up, funding the entire production (costing more than $100 & A T-Shirt), and majorly assisted with editing, shooting, and post-production. He also enlisted the help of Nickey Robo with shooting and editing.

While the film is billed as being about the Northwest zine community, it really just focuses on Portland, Oregon. Footage of Olympia and Seattle was shot by Basil but the tapes were never turned over to the editing team. Originally editing was to be carried out by Jon Van Oast but he ended up having a daughter the month before editing began.

The film delves into what zines are, who makes them and why, zine resources and the future of self publishing, all told through interviews with a number of Oregon zine publishers and fans. It also includes footage from Portland's annual Zine Symposium, a zine bicycle tour of Portland, and music by J Church and Defiance, OH.

$100 & A T-Shirt was released both on DVD and VHS and is currently available through Microcosm Publishing. The 3rd Edition was released on DVD on Oct 25, 2007 with a new booklet and new cover art by Erik Ruin, and accompanied by two new additional short films. It has re-mastered audio and is re-edited to be better suited for viewing and classroom use with more of the original content now being bonus features on the DVD. There are about 50 new pieces of visual footage as well to break up the abundance of talking heads in the original.

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