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Someone Said Issue 2

Someone Said was a zine from Olympia, Washington, U.S.A., published by Tam.

Someone Said was a free zine released in the late 1980's. Issue one was photocopied and printed on color paper. Issue two was a large size black and white zine printed on newsprint in the style of a freesheet; unlike many freesheets however, it was equally divided between text and images.

Someone Said was focused on the underground scene, including independent music, comics, personal writing, poetry, photos, recording reviews, collage and graphics.


Issue 1 features events happening in Olympia, Washington and includes articles on the independent labels of the Northwest such as K, Cassette Mythos, Taang!, Subcore, and Make Toast Not War; articles on the bands The Melvins and Beat Happening; a review of a show where events got out of hand; illustrations by Carrie McNinch, Eric Greenwalt, and Cliff Green; and photos of the bands Beat Happening, Unseen Force, and Dangermouse.

Issue 2 featured an interview with the band Mecca Normal; articles on Sedition Press; Make Toast Not War, an Olympia, WA, cassette tape label; a centerfold collage by Eric Greenwalt of Sedition Press; reviews of recordings by The Sins, Gash, Th' Inbred, Fifth Column, and Dangermouse; a review of activist publication AntiMedia; illustrations by Carrie McNinch and Cliff Green; graphics by Chris Winkler; comics by Carrie McNinch, Luna Ticks, Barb Warr and Ignatz Green; and photos of Donna Dresch of Noxious Fumes, Jean Smith and David Lester of Mecca Normal and Steve Albini of Big Black.