Non Plastique

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Non Plastique was a punk zine from Dublin, Ireland.

Non Plastique was put together by Willie from 1995 to 2002. Nine issues were released. It contained zine reviews, articles from Willies life, skate stories and gig stories. The last issue documented Willie’s time when he went to live in New Orleans in the US for 2 years. Willie has often been active in zines; as well as Non Plastique he had a zine distro in Dublin called Ultra Red Star zine distro, then in America he toured once with several other zine writers and performing readings from their zines. When he came back to Ireland, Willie with his wife set up a zine and alternative literature bookshop in Dublin called Red Ink. This lasted around a year but due to rising costs of rent in Dublin, Red Ink closed down. Willie now runs a zine and music distro called Stitchy Press with his wife which is planning on publishing books and already has released a CD and 7” record.

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