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Niacin was a zine from Dublin, Ireland.

Niacin was written by Ciaran Walsh who used to write Scream fanzine. Around four issues were released between 1999 and 2003. The zine contained articles, comics and artwork. It also had interviews with bands Estel and Red Monkey. Ciaran also has been involved in organising the Forgotten Zine Archive in which around a thousand zines were collected and housed at several locations but currently housed at the Seomra Spraoi collective space in Dublin. Together with Anto of Loserdom zine, Ciaran organised the Zine Show in July 2006 which was an exhibition of zines. Also he was involved in organising Ireland’s part in the Bienneal exhibition in Italy, where a section of Irish zines were represented.

Along with Niacin and Scream, Ciaran has also published the zines Rent Day and Auto Suggestion

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