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Nemonymous is a short fiction small press publication that labels itself a "megazanthus" (a portmanteau word combining magazine and anthology). It is published in the UK and edited by British writer D.F. Lewis.

This publication is distinctive in that all stories are published anonymously, with the identities of contributing authors being normally withheld until the following issue, an arrangement intended to temporarily strip the reader of any prejudices surrounding the author's name (including popularity, gender and place of origin), and thus level the playing field for the writer. Later issues did not follow this exact model.

The first issue of Nemonymous was a biannual magazine subtitled A Journal of Parthenogenetic Fiction and Late Labelling, which appeared in November 2001. Ten issues have been published through July 2010, reportedly the final issue.

Nemonymous has published new fiction by authors including Dawn Andrews, Jai Clare, Simon Clark, Scott Edelman, Terry Gates-Grimwood, Janet L. Hetherington, Rhys Hughes, Bob Lock, William Meikle, Reggie Oliver, Steven Pirie, Joseph S. Pulver, Ekaterina Sedia, Margaret B. Simon| (Star*Line), Sarah Singleton, Steve Rasnic Tem, Lavie Tidhar, Jeff VanderMeer and Tamar Yellin.