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Meredith Stern is a linoleum block printer, woodcut artist and zine writer, who currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A..

She is also known as "merrydeath". Her zines include "The Dragomen", "World of Punk" (which was a zine for a radio show she worked on for many years along with Denise Panic and Brice Nice), "Mine: An anthology of reproductive rights" (numbers 1 and 2) "Glamour Girl", and "Crude Noise". The third issue of Crude Noise appeared as a split zine with "Nosedive", by Icky Apparatus.

Meredith's artwork from her zines was included in the exhibition No Need For Sleep: an exhibition of visual art by zine makers and the zines they produce, which was held in Madison, Wisconsin, in October of 2006 and then in Milwaukee in November of the same year.

She is also a musician who plays drums for the band "Teenage Waistband".

She is also a member of the Just Seeds/ Visual Resistance Radical Artist Cooperative.

Other members of Just Seeds include: Josh MacPhee of Pound the Pavement and Cut and Paint, Icky Apparatus. of "Nosedive", Mary Tremonte (aka Mary Mack) of Chickpea and Not Quite Venice, Bec Young of Four in the Morning, Colin Matthes of Ideas In Pictures, and Erik Ruin of Trouble in Mind, of the Just Seeds/ Visual Resistance Radical Artist Cooperative. All of these artists and other young contemporary printmakers participated in a discussion-turned-essay which Meredith edited titled, "Subversive Multiples" which was published within Realizing the Impossible (released on AK Press in 2007).



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