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Jiffy zine No. 1

Jiffy zine (2007-) is an art, design, illustration and photography zine edited and published by Adelaide, SA based illustrator Rowan Tedge and designer Simon Blight.

Tedge describes the aim of Jiffy zine as being: "low budget, high design. With attention to detail given to stock selection and finish, giving jiffy a hand made, D.I.Y feel."


48 black and white pages, hand silkscreened three colour cover, pefect bound, printed in an edition of 100 numbered copies.


  • No.1: features contributions from Rowan Tedge, Ian Steverson, Jon Burgerman, Max Olijnyk, Shoboshobo, KAB101, Andrew Long, Jeremyville, slok, ALAS76 and Alex Barry. Cover by Rowan Tedge, screenprinted by Jolan Lisle-Oakley at PRINTSQUAD.
  • No. 2: features contributions from David Shrigley, Fontaine Anderson, Blotchwomen, Ian Stevenson, Eleanor Yap, Eric Shaw, Bob London, Jeremy Piert, Dean Sullivan aka AEIOU, Rowan Tedge and Andrew Long.


  • Metropolis Books (Melbourne, VIC)
  • Monster Children Gallery (Sydney, NSW)
  • The Outpost (Brisbane, QLD)
  • Keith and Lottie (Perth, WA)
  • Area101 (Adelaide, SA)
  • Irving Baby (Adelaide, SA)

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