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Hippocampelephantocamelos was a science fiction fanzine by Fred Hollander.

Published in Pasedena, California. U.S.A., Hippocampelephantocamelos was released in the 1960s.

Iuuse 2 was released in February 1966.

Issue 4 was released in August 1966. It included the column "Fandom is something that comes in the mail" by Jean Berman.

Issue 5 appeared in December 1966, and included the short story Easy Come by Larry Niven.

Contributors of art work included Joni Stopa. Other contributors included Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons)

Ron Bennett reviewed issues 3 to 5 for Skyrack #94, from August 1967, saying, "...fair all round zine, with a good snappy title and obviously a favourite with Cecil."