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Emma Davidson (aka Emma D) is a zinester and mail artist residing in Sydney, Australia.

Emma began publishing zine in the late 1990s, with four issues of Telly Narcosis, appearing between approximately 1996-2001, followed by titles such as Disobedient, released in 2002.

With Anwyn, Emma initiated the project Post No Bills, a mail art and letter writing network under the name Papercut Collective. The project ran from 2005-2006 and produced the Post No Bills Fun Pack.

Emma next ran Flying Machine distro from 2005 to 2007, during which time she released Penny Sentinel in 2005, and By the Time You're Twenty-Five in 2007.

She has run Take Care Distro with her partner Tim U since late 2009.


Contact information

P.O. Box 4
Enmore NSW

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