Penny Sentinel

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Penny Sentinel
Issue 1, 2005

Penny Sentinel was a perzine by Australian zinester Emma Davidson.

Emma describes here zine as follows: "My first break out of zine maker's inertia for a couple of years is a messy, misspelled and hopefully enjoyable cut and paste catastrophe. It includes the first chapter of a comic strip that I may one day have the patience to complete, drawings from my bird-chasing sketchbook and enough typed material to have given me a bruise on the tip of my right index finger. Said typed material is ramblings on a variety of topics from record collections to fantasies about marching down the world with some ragged army of stray dogs. Featuring an alluring, unit-shifting, translucent cover in either red or silver, it also contains a portrait of Polly Le Tigre doing what she does best: Fuck all."

  • Issue #1 (2005) contained writing about moving house, Dada, political art, religion and record collections (and collectors), as well as a comic called 'Black Dog' and numerous collages, line drawings and textual detournements of a whimsical and melancholy nature.
  • Issue #2 (2005) was a limited edition art zine comprised of pages from 1970s childrens' books and jigsaw puzzle pieces. It was made as part of the Post No Bills project, and available only to participants in that project.
  • Issue #3 (2006) consisted of a single A3 page, featuring the next instalment of the 'Black Dog' comic on one side and personal writing on the other.

Penny Sentinel is now defunct.


P.O. Box 4 Enmore NSW 2042 AUSTRALIA

Email: eternalproject(a)gmail(dot)com

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