Eclipse (Thompson)

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Eclipse is a science fiction fanzine by Ray Thompson.

Published in the 1950s, in Norfolk, Nebraska, U.S.A.. Eclipse was a dittoed fanzine.

Contributors of columns included Marian Cox (The Femizine). Contributors of fiction included Celia Block, and Lew A. Gaff. Poetry was contributed by Rory Faulkner (Shangri-L'Affaires), and Isabelle Dinwiddle.

John Ledyard's review from Peon #28, from September 1953, calls it, "A rather entertaining new face on the fan scene, with stories by Celia Block and Lew A. Gaff, a column by Marian Cox, poetry by Isabelle Dinwiddie and Rory Faulkner, and miscellaneous stuff, including a contest. Reproduction is good, on a whole, and there's a fairly high level for the material."