Blair Wilson

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Blair Wilson is a zinester, artist and cartoonist from Seattle, WA. He has been published in hundreds zines along with publishing his own, including From Hell To Breakfast, Appearances, Asphalt Aneurysm, The Scars to Prove It, Good Morning, Sweetie, Just Sampling and Your Nose Knows. Many of his publications have been collaborations with writer and poet Paul Weinman.

While Wilson may be primarily known for his comics, he works in several different mediums, often doing paintings and has even done limited edition hand painted dolls. He refers to his painting style as "squigglism," and it's unique in its intricate repeating shapes and continuously flowing and weaving lines that gives it an acid/drug-like quality.

Wilson has had a large number of gallery shows of his artwork and has also participated in a number zine events, including the zine exhibit at the 1997 Art's Edge festival and as a curator and exhibitor in 1997 Zine Fiend Festival (both in Seattle, WA).