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Awry was a science fiction fanzine by Dave Locke.

The first issue of Awry was published in Duarte, California. U.S.A. in January of 1972. Ten issues were released. The 10th and last issue appeared in January 1976.

Contributors of art included Grant Canfield, among others.

Contributors of writing included Ed Cagle, Cy Condra, Ed Cox (Triton), Dean Grenell (Grue, Filler), Tina Hensel, David Hulan, Jodie Offut, Milt Stevens, and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie).

Cy Condra contributed "McSorley Among the Nightingales", reprinted years later, as were many of the articles in Awry.

Dave Locke had earlier published the fanzine Phoenix, as well as Pelf with David Hulan in the 1960s, Shambles with Ed Cagle, DAGLocke with Dean Grennell, and Gallimaufry with Jodi Stopa. His most recent publication is Time and Again.