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Aaron Detroit is a zinester and musician.

Aaron began publishing zines while in his mid-teens. His most notable zine was the long running Swirlies, which first came out in 1992 and featured interviews with bands such as 7 Year Bitch and Babes In Toyland, as well as Aaron's writing. The zine was published in Detroit, Michigan.

Aaron's next contributed to Homocore Detroit, a publication released by the Detroit chapter of the many Homocore chapters across the United States.

Aaron has been in a number of groups. Beginning in the mid nineties, his first band, Martha's Dumptruck, released one single; after playing in a couple of other bands, Aaron relocated to San francisco in 1997 and began singing for the band The Little Deaths, who put out the album Destination:Sexy on Heartcore Records in 1999. The goup boke up the next year.In 2002, Aaron was one of the musicians featured in Maximum Rock N Roll's "Queer Punk" issue. The same year, Aaron began singing and playing synthesizer in the band Secret Skin.

After that band ended, Aaron moved ot Los Angeles, where he now lives and plays synthesizer in the band Death By Doll with Dame Darcy. The group's first album, Gasoline, was released in 2007.