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Started in November 2008, Zineswap aims to be a resource through which people can swap their zines with one-another. Zineswap is located in London, UK.

"We are looking for contributions from people that self-publish their own zine or magazine. Content is not limited in anyway, a zine can be about anything. When you send us your zines, we will send you some back. Simple."

Distribution service

"Zineswap will operate as a free distribution service, the only condition is that you must contribute two zines to our archive. We hope that this archive will become a comprehensive record of contemporary self-publishing, existing as both an online catalogue and regular exhibitions. We hope that the archive will become a marker of what motivates people to create, to publish, to share.

If you would like to contribute your publication to Zineswap, or you know of a suitable place for the archive to be exhibited, please get in touch."

See swapping information on the homepage before sending zines.


33 Riding House Street

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