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Zine_Ethics is a community at livejournal.com for zinesters to discuss and communicate about ideas of ethics and etiquette. It was created in 2005 by Ciara Xyerra of Learning to Leave a Paper Trail Distro and the zine You Live for the Fight When That's All That You've Got.

The userinfo on the community's page states: this is a community for zinesters, distro kids, & utilizers/fans of zines or distros to communicate about issues of zine ethics, etiquette, etc. this community may be used for discussions, questions, warnings, advertising of related zine projects, & such forth. want to know how long is too long to wait for a distro order? ask here. is a zinester you ordered from ignoring your e-mails & you don't know what to do? post here. did you find out that someone is making copies of your friends' zines without permission? let them know here. are you new to the zine scene & looking for information about standard zine protocol? come here. are you a seasoned zinester who wants to participate in discussion about said protocol? post here.

this isn't a community created to start drama or instigate flame wars. rather, it is a place to discuss so many of the issues that have been cropping up in various other zine communities that are primarily devoted to zine announcments & newbie questions.

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