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The Z Gun is a print zine edited by Scott Soriano and Ryan Wells.

Two issues of the zine have been published to date. Issue No. 1 is out of print. It featured Brainbombs, Pink Reason, Black Humor, Not Not Fun Records, and San Francisco Art Punk from late 70s/early 80s, plus reviews.

Issue two is 56 pages and has articles on Sightings, Drunks with Guns, the Fabulous Diamonds, AmRep Records, Enfant Terrible Records, film scores, and reviews.

The Z Gun review records, zines, CDs, CDR only, and cassettes. The zine doesn't review CDRs of records or CDs.

The Z Gun contributors for the first two issues include Sean Wright, Monty Buckles, Jared Soper, Acapulco, Laura Bernazolli, Finian Scott Small, Mitch Cardwell, DX, and Jacques Amsellem.


The Z Gun, 1114 21st Street. Sacramento CA 95811 uSa