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Youth Kingdom was a zine created by youth age 10-15 at the Nubian Directions A.S.P.I.R.E Summer Program for Middle AND High School teens in Poughkeepsie, NY during the summer of 2007. The zine workshop was lead by Mary Ellen Iatropoulos and DIYWorks.

This zine represents a summer's worth of media activism, deconstruction, and community dialogue. For many of the zinesters, this was their first experience outside of the mainstream media. After carefully considering the one-way flow of media and how detached from our local lives most media is, the kids threw themselves whole-heartedly into making over 40 pages of creative pieces, heart breaking expositions, and cultural criticism. After discussing how zines and self-publishing contributed to a healthy democracy's freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the group held a vote and decided to name the zine Youth Kingdom (after the popular nickname for Poughkeepsie, Power Kingdom).


For a free copy of Youth Kingdom, email