You're Insane Honey

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You're Insane Honey was written by Mae Undead. It was started so she could express her thoughts in a place where she knew it was comfortable to share. Each issue has a sort of theme according to what was happening in her life around the time of the zine.

Most of the issues are typed and filled with poignant cut and paste style, as well as photos and or drawings by Mae.


You're Insane Honey: Preface was made in March 2005. The writings are random thoughts like topics such as pop art, a trip to Los Angeles, her love, unhealthy relationships and sexual assault, cunt empowerment, a review of day one of Coachella 2004 and more.

You're Insane Honey: Play Dead was made in May 2005, all handwritten and featured haunting pictures. Most of the writing is stream of consciousness style with a bit of heartache. (Examples: past friendships, traveling to a different country, a fixation with water, high school rumors, a small piece about the Greek mythology, Sisyphus.)

You're Insane Honey: Purest Love was made in October 2005. Inside contained a tribute to relationships and friendships important to Mae's life. It featured a lot of drawings and photos of her family and friends. The first print run featured a drawn heart on the cover. The second and on prints featured art by kid pirate.

You're Insane Honey: Cold and Ugly was made in March 2007. This was a detailed analysis and documentation of one of Mae's most traumatic relationships. There are only five copies to see the light of day.