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Xenocide was a death/thrash metal zine published by Jon Konrath in Bloomington, IN.


Xenocide was published from 1992 to 1993. Issue 1 was titled 'Electronic Deicide; issue 2 was titled Electric Deicide. All issues were published as an e-zine on usenet. Issues 4 and 5 were also print zines. It featured reviews and interviews with underground thrash and death metal bands, and occasional humor or parody articles. Konrath was a frequent contributor to Metal Curse zine, and included reviews from Metal Curse publisher Ray Miller, Chris Blanc, and others.


One of the contributors to issue #5 was Adam Gadahn, who later became a high-level Al Qaeda member in Pakistan, and was charged with treason. As a teen, Gadahn corresponded with Konrath by mail, and sent him album reviews and artwork used in the zine and in flyers.

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