White Buffalo Gazette

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The White Buffalo Gazette is the newsletter / zine that took the place of Steve Willis' City Limits Gazette (1991-1993) when it was retired.

It was originally inspired by Bruce Chrislip's zine of the same name as well as Clay Geerdes' Comix World newsletter. WBG was originally published by Butler, Pennsylvania artist Maximum Traffic, but over the years has been issued on an irregular basis by others, including Edward Bolman and Cat Noel (from 11/96 through 12/98), Jeff Zenick, Delaine Derry, Geoff Hamerlinck, and Carol Pond. Steve Skeates produced one issue under the title "The White Buffalo Bootleg." Unlike CLG or Comix World, which were primarily networking and review publications, WBG has been chiefly illustrative in nature.