What Good Is It To live / Darling, Cover My Heart

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Covers of the issue 3

What Good Is It To live? / Darling, Cover My Heart is a split perzine that came into being in Spring 2007 through the hands of Rebecca and Aimee, both from Germany.

In theory, both parts to the zine are always based around a common subject. So far, the writers touched upon the matter of 'friendship' and 'writing'. Additionally, the reader will find articles about whatever the two feel is worth writing about. While What Good Is It To Live, Rebecca's part, often touches upon music issues, Aimee occasionally writes literature-centred articles in Darling, Cover My Heart. Besides the text work, they try to add photography that relates to their articles.

The zine is put out on an irregularly basis. The first issue was put out in June 2007, after a three months compilation time, the second issue appeared in September and the third issue came out in February 2008.

The zine is available through their Myspace site or from marching stars distro.

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