What Goes On

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What Goes On #1

What Goes On was a fanzine devoted to the Velvet Underground.

Created by Philip Milstein, it was published out of Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S.A., in the late 1970's. Contributors included writers Joseph Allen Viglione and M.C. Kostek, photographer Gina Star and cartoonist Dan Guidera. The cover of Issue one featured Maureen Tucker. Included in the zine are photos of Velvet Underground members Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and an autographed photo of Nico; an article on rare Velvets record and tape releases; an account by M.C. Kostek of seeing the Velvets playing at the Woodrose Ballroom in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, when the author was 16, with reprints of the show posters; an article on following Lou Reed around from his concert to his hotel room to a restaurant, and then, another day, to another concert; and a piece called "A Quiet Devotional" dedicated to Maureen Tucker by editor Milstein.