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Westside angst #1

Westside Angst (2001-) is a zine by Adelaide, South Australia based zinester and writer Ianto Ware, featuring personal writing, illustrations and hand-crafted covers. Westside Angst has been said to be identifiable by distinct phases; comical, personal, 'pseudo academic', and romantic.

Ianto Ware also produces the zines The little nerd band that could and Das Papierkrieg.


  • Issue 1 (2001): "...focuses heavily on my experiences with toilets and lengthy diatribes about my time in primary school."
  • Issue 7 (200?): the longest issue to date, clocked in at 23,121 words - longer than the honours thesis the author had, at that point, only just finished writing. Contents include 'post-grad angst; Newcastle TINA memoirs; Wollongong Belladonna recollections; Sydney tourist crap, transport bungling, name dropping.'
  • Issue 10 (July 2005): 'The quarter-life crisis issues', came with a collectable wooden spoon, and 'took an average of seven minutes per copy to assemble'.
  • Issue 11 (2005): Contents include "Heartbreak & camping."
  • Issue 12 (2007): "The Moving House edition. March to May 2007. Contains real life stories of love, hate & furniture removal."
  • Issue 13 (2008: a split zine with Luke You's "YOU #353".

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