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Wavelength is a weekly live music series and zine based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It was founded in late 1999 by a loose collective of independent musicians trying breathe some life into Toronto's indie music scene. From the beginning, the Wavelength Crew were guided by the idealistic notion of uniting like-minded members of Toronto's scene, and enlarging that scene both within itself and outside the parameters of the city -- even outside the country -- to incorporate an awareness that kindred spirits might be living anywhere in the world, and that a mutual support network could exist. By fostering a sense of community and co-operation, a genuine alternative was sought, in contrast to the craven competitiveness usually encouraged by the music industry.

Wavelength the zine is printed and distributed free of charge every month in record stores, cafes and other hangouts throughout Toronto -- and now across Canada -- and is also found online. It contains photos and interviews with the acts performing each month, as well as irreverent opinion pieces, news, lists and comics. The zine is for the most part written by musicians and brings an often surreal sense of humour and irony (and sometimes earnestness) to its coverage of Toronto's music scene.

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