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Vicentine is a graphic designer, writer, photographer and ex-zinester from Ontario, Canada.

Vicentine created her first perzine, Undelivered, in October 2006. Undelivered is composed of letters written over the course of 2006 to individuals who will never know these words were to put to paper for them. Although she says the collection consists of letters to a plethora of people, the truth is that most of the series is devoted to one person who doesn't even know this zine exists.

Undelivered ceased to exist after Undelivered II was completed, but never released to the public.

Undelivered was then edited into a short story titled, "13 Months" and published in a local writer's group anthology in 2009.

Since 2009, Vicentine has focused on other endeavours, favouring blogging and design work to zine maintenance. She plans to resurrect Undelivered in the future, but as yet, does not know when that future will be.

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