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Vice Versa Press

Vice Versa Press [1] is an independent printing and publishing entity that specializes in releasing zines, designing show flyers, producing fine art prints, and conceptualizing paper goods. Founded in 2008 by Julia Arredondo, Vice Versa Press is a traveling entity that produces work on the road allowing each edition to be site-specific. Topics of interest include contemporary poetry, Chicano art, punk graphic design, and sub-cultural discourse.


Vice Versa Press utilizes print processes including Screen Print, Letterpress, Photocopy, Risograph, Inkjet, and Relief. Alternative surface processes including Paper Making, Spray Paint, and Blind Emboss have also been used.


Vice Versa Press has collaborated and released work by artists and poets including Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz, Frances 'Honey' Driscoll, Ellene Glenn Moore, Paul Schmidt, The Skateboarding Heritage Foundation, and more. Collaborations are onset by partnerships formed during residency in various parts of the United States.


Vice Versa Press has held official residency at the Southwest School of Art (San Antonio, TX), CAC Woodside Troy (Troy, NY), Penland School of Craft (Penland, NC), and at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts (Boca Raton, FL). Independent travel has taken Vice Versa Press to various cities including Austin, TX; St. Louis, MO; Corpus Christi, TX; Baltimore, MD; New York City; Prague, Czech Republic; Kingston, Jamaica; and beyond. Through travel, Vice Versa Press finds broader audiences to share work with while creating new bodies of work influenced by regional nuances.



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